Aromatic Identities

Aromalogo has been working in the aromatics industry in South Africa for more than a decade, developing and manufacturing identities and products for brands.

Aca Joe Aca Joe

Summer spice and African grass notes layered with cocoa butter and fresh lemon sorbet.

Blok Urban Apartment Living Blok

Deep warm base notes overlaid with verbena and white flowers.

Bodytec EMS Training Bodytec

Three mints with citrus and verbena.

Caro de Waal at Venice Food Design Week Caro de Waal at Venice Food Design Week

Petricor, smokey tar and wild honey.

Discovery Health Discovery Health

Light and fresh aquatic notes depicting healthy clear lifestyle.

Discovery Vitality Discovery Vitality

Fresh green apple, cucumber skin, lettuce water and citrus flowers.

Hilton Weiner Hilton Weiner

The exotic experience of dark petals and clove flowers with a green leaf top note.

Hurley SA

Sex wax on hot tar. An urban surf experience.

Jenni Button Jenni Button

Pepper rose, oriental heart notes and orange blossom.

Leo & Lola Leo & Lola

Baby powder with soft lavender petals.

Pick n Pay Pick n Pay

Basil-mint, lemon and spearmint with wood notes.

Pres Les Pres Les

Sultry orchid base notes and sophisticated florals.

Urban Degree Urban Degree

Contemporary notes of fresh cut grass.

Van Riel Developers Van Riel Developers

An assortment of sophisticated aromatics: deep wood notes, complex floral heart notes, topped with fresh citrus.

Vertigo Clothing Vertigo Clothing

Angelica root with layers of fruit rose and aqua-mint.

weFix weFix

Warm wooded base notes with green leafy heart notes over cut grass.

Wellness Warehouse Wellness Warehouse

An indigenous blend of woods, grasses and citrus essential oils.

Weylandts Home Outfitters Weylandts

Warm, wooded base notes blended with the indigenous floral scents of Geranium and Zinziba, fused with citrus top notes.