We find the perfect aromatic signature

to tell the story of your brand in customer environments.

When it comes to aromatic brand identities, our objective is to express what a brand is essentially about in a format that can be assimilated with one breath. This aromatic identity will also serve to support staff wellness and productivity in their work environment. We follow the principles of aromatherapeutics based on empirical research studies to deliver a marked improvement in productivity in the workplace.

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Our medium is air.

We work to make air aromatic so that it is synonymously identifiable as your brand experience.

We study the brand's each and every sensory detail and translate this into an aromatic brand identity.

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The key is to keep it relevant.

This is where the art comes in – creating an aromatic identity is essentially giving the brand its pheromones. This means that the engagement with the customer is total and, by its very nature, engaging.

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