From Development to Delivery: Our Process

Every brand is completely unique in its requirements and so also in its eventual aromatic representation. Working with brand custodians, we familiarise ourselves with a brand's each and every sensory detail.

In the labFrom here, we go into the lab, where we have the most fun. It really is a ‘lost in translation’ process until we are ready to present to the client. We have an enormous palette of aromas to choose from, ranging from fine fragrances to flavours to absolute naturals.

Presenting an aromatic brand identity to a client is a wonderfully sensory experience. This is a process that we thoroughly enjoy and our clients report feeling the same way. Exploring and sharing our understanding of the subtle science of smell is always rewarding.

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Some product applicationsBut fragrance development is not the totality of an aromatic identity. In delivering an aromatic identity, it is crucial to contextualize it and make it relevant at each point of interface with the customer. Once the branded aroma is signed off, Aromalogo goes into production, preparing the branded aroma for every application needed: units dispensing into the enviromnment, fragranced packaging sachets, paper, cards and tissue paper.